Branding Packages & Prices

  • Save £25

    S T A R T U P

    Let's get your business up and running professionally
    • Typography logo design
    • Business card or loyalty card
    • Social highlights x 5
    • Price list (social or printed)
  • C L A S S I C

    The most popular branding package so far!
    • Illustration logo design
    • Business or loyalty card
    • Social highlight covers x 5
    • Price list (printed or social)
  • D E L U X E

    Take your business to the next level with this package
    • Typography Logo Design
    • Submark Logo Design
    • Business or Loyalty Card
    • Flyer / Card Design
    • Social Highlight Covers x 5
    • Price List (Printed or social)
  • E L I T E

    The queen of all branding packages!
    • Any Spec Logo Design
    • Submark Design
    • Branding Pattern
    • Business or Loyalty Cards
    • Flyer / Card Design
    • Social Highlight Covers x 5
    • Price List (Printed or Social)
  • B E S P O K E

    Tick all your boxes by making your own branding package
    • Any Spec Logo Design
    • + 4 other Designs
    • Minimum spend of £250
    • 10% off over all price
  • M E M B E R S H I P

    Every month
    Monthly business membership for all your design needs
    Valid for 6 months
    • 2 x Design items per month
    • Design Items could include:
    • Flyer
    • Business Card
    • Loyalty Card
    • Event Poster
    • Event Tickets / E-Ticket
    • Social Media Posts
    • Social Highlight Covers
    • Graphic's or Illustration
    • Bespoke design item

All artwork provided in necessary formats. Limited revisions of 3 amends. Invoice to be paid in full prior to any work being carried out.

Additional cost may occur for printing of business cards and price lists due to printing specification and quality.  T & C's apply.

You can purchase my branding packages directly through my website by clicking the arrow under the package you decide. If you have any questions please contact me directly on or book a free business branding consultation. 

Looking forward to starting your business venture with you

Camilla xx